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To Your Business

 Don’t Waste Your Hard Earned Money And Time
On A Website That’s Not Right For Your Business.

Every day there are horror stories about people who have wasted money on a website that was
either not worth it, too expensive, poorly designed
They were only told half the story and find they have to
spend a WHOLE lot more than expected.

Some Free Advice
Before you choose a web developer ask lots of questions, meet with them (even video conference on Skype or Zoom) and make sure you feel comfortable & confident with them, and “if it looks too good to be true…” Well, I sincerely hope you have a happy ending.

AND MAKE SURE you get a comprehensive listing of what you will be getting and what you won’t be getting BEFORE you sign or pay anything. Yep the fine print…

Don’t let this happen to you!

Case 1 – Paid too Much!
Recently I came across a business that had spent thousands of dollars too much on a website and were understandably not happy with it.
It was not even responsive on a phone! In 2020 that is unforgivable.

My advice was to start from scratch as it was so poorly designed and coded and it would cost more to fix than start again, but their budget was gone.

Get this! Their web guy then wanted to charge them $250 more, just to change the phone number – [I teach you to do this yourself].

I felt so bad for them but was only able to help a little with a few aesthetic changes to make it more presentable.

Case 2 – Paid too Little!
Thought they were getting a great price – $900 eCommerce Website.

All I can say is the website looks like a rank amateur built it – and works like that also.

Once again my advice was to start from scratch, but the site is still live and gives a really bad impression of their business (which is great by the way).

Hi  My name Is Paul Fitz-Patrick.
  Online Since 2005.

One thing I have learned is

YOU need a website that

Nothing Else Matters.

I Love Building Websites

Bringing your vision into reality will be very rewarding for both of us on many levels.

It takes a lot expertise and energy to make a website work properly, so if you are excited and looking for a great website and a Win Win experience all round then give me a call, or fill in the form below.

I have a wealth of knowledge in web design, and running a business, learned from study, research, testing, practical experience as well as trial and error.

I walk the walk!

If you would like to discuss your project with me (no obligation), please let me know some things about your project.
Simply complete the form (below) by filling in as much information as possible – or call me on 0460 038 779.

I look forward to learning more about you and your project.

You Are In Luck!

This month is traditionally a slow month so for the first 4 3 2 lucky businesses I am offering 20% off.

How Much Do You Charge?

I’m sure you are wondering how much a website costs!
Sorry, but without knowing your specific requirements I would only be Guessing.
In round figures, however, a small business website usually ranges from around $1000 – $2500.

After filling in the form below, and having a discovery session with you to work out exactly what is required, I will be able to give you an exact price, and probably give you ideas you hadn’t thought about!

Just fill in the form below and I will get in touch with you, or call me on 0460 038 779
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