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For anyone looking to build a website, one of the most common questions is “how much does a website cost?”

In order to answer this I will split this up into 3 different articles.

  1. Part 1: This page – Types of Websites
  2. Part 2: – What’s involved in building a website.
  3. Part 3: – Realistic Price guides and Time it takes to build a website (Free Download).

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How Much Does a Website Cost and Types of Websites

how much does a website cost in Australia

How much does a website cost is a common question.

Although there are many different types of website I have broken it down into 3 that we will be mostly concerned with here.

The following website categories are terms I use and may have different names.

1. Brochure Websites:

  • Used to showcase your business, providing information like contact, address (map) details.
  • People will generally come to the site from business card or searching for your specific business name.
  • This will be quicker to build than a conversion website (see below) as you don’t have to do all the SEO research, content silos, advertising landing pages etc.
  • Usually will include at least 5 – 7 pages. (More pages = More time = More money)
    May also be a one page website.

Depending on the business it would probably include some of the following pages:

  • Home
  • About us
  • Contact
  • Services
  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Testimonials
  • Privacy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Portfolio / Showcase
  • Blog / News Feed

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2. Conversion Websites:

  • For building your database and converting visitors either by joining a mailing list or signing up for reports, eBooks etc.
  • Requires a lot more planning and building time as well as expertise. There is so much more that needs to be done and done right, otherwise you will be wasting your advertising Dollar and get limited results at best.
  • These websites will help build your business and you should budget additional funds &/or time for advertising and marketing promotions.

Will probably include some of the following:

  • Landing pages
  • Sign up forms
  • Popups
  • Download Pages
  • Thank-you pages
  • Email Series

3. Ecommerce, Membership or Special Integration Websites:

  • Ecommerce sites: Selling products, digital or physical.
  • Membership sites: Selling and delivery of courses and content both paid and free.
  • These are special websites that require considerable time to plan and set up PROPERLY.
  • Will include plugins / integrations (that talk to each other) making it as automatic as possible, and painless for users / purchasers.
  • At the very least you will need to integrate to a mailing list, payment gateway, shipping channel/s – There are many exciting opportunities here to make money from your website.

4. Large Corporate Websites:

Beyond the scope of this report but can be in the hundreds of thousands, even million-dollar range.

In order to appreciate the cost of building a website we first need an understanding of What’s involved in building a website.

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