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Protecting Seniors Wealth Website design Mockup


  • Build Professional website
  • Ability for client to add content
  • Membership integration
  • eCommerce facility for digital content.
  • Integrate with newsletter delivery.
  • Security of sensitive client information.


  • First Build: 2014
  • Rebuild: 2016 (aprox)
  • Upgrade & Additions: 2019

Originally built in 2014, it outgrew it’s original design.

The new design had to utilize the new branding colours and logo and allow client to update in the future.

It required instant download of ebooks and central facility to communicate with purchasers.

Protection of sensitive information from people who should not have access and to easily share documents and product manuals with customers/members.

Keep track of how people use the website so to continually improve over time.

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