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Every web designer has some website horror stories that clients, or potential clients, have told them.
Here are a couple of Mine.

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Website Horror Stories Example 1

Website Horror Stories Unhappy customerA client I came across paid over $8,000 for a website that was nothing more than a brochure site.

Then they were invoiced $250 just to change the phone number and address. That’s where I met them, and I helped them at a realistic price.

Not only did they pay way too much but the site was very poorly coded and, in my opinion, not worth putting good money into bad.

I advised them of this and suggested a re-build. Unfortunately, they were so burned they didn’t want to put in more money (for now).

I made a few aesthetic changes to make it more presentable.

Website Horror Stories Example 2

Another client was sold a website that was basically a template that had just a few images and minimum text changed or “customised”.

Fortunately, they did not pay a huge amount for it, but they could not get the guy to do some necessary small tasks for them – in fact they couldn’t even get a response from him until we changed hosting. All of a sudden he wants to talk!

This is where I met them and fortunately was able to help them out.

The website was built on a relative obscure platform and therefore hard to find someone with the experience to make the necessary changes.

I didn’t know the platform either, but I like to learn new things and I had a break in my schedule, so I spent quite a bit of time to learn the platform (not charged) and I made the changes for them. I felt some duty (if that is the right word) to help them out.

Website Horror Stories more…

There are many more examples of issues including cheap websites built overseas. In most instances these required a rebuild.

Having said that there are a lot of very good & reliable website developers who will give you value for money.

Make sure you research, research, research or get someone to research it for you! (you may hear me use the word research quite a bit).

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