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Website Maintenance

Do you lack skill, experience, or time to maintain your own small business website?

That’s quite understandable – and Win Win Websites offers to take this burden off your back and allow you to focus on other more important work.

Why You Need to Maintain Your Business Website?

For a website to serve its purpose, attracting and converting new customers, it has to operate optimally and offer outstanding user experience.

However, for some businesses, it can be a chore remembering to update, backup and maintain a website, even if they have website maintenance experience.

Setting aside the time to complete all that’s necessary will take you away from working on your business and your own customer relationships.

Not really convinced that it is so important to keep your website up and running smoothly?

Then look at it this way – imagine a potential customer searching for a product or service you have to offer.
They conduct an online search, come across your website but certain elements or entire pages are not working properly.

What do you think they’ll do?

Move on to your competitors’ website!

And this is where we come in to help – we offer affordable and reliable website maintenance, on the Gold Coast, so that you have a team to back you up in case you need emergency website repair and support.

We work on your small business or personal website at all times so that you don’t have to!

And we deliver excellent results to boost your online success!

Why Us

Our website maintenance Care Plans are designed for businesses that don’t have the time or don’t want to manage their own sites.

We have skills and experience in WordPress website repair, setup and maintenance, which means that you would always have a dependable team by your side.

While you are otherwise occupied, or you are taking some time off, Win Win Websites will cover for you and make sure everything is running smoothly.

With us, any glitches will be sorted quickly!

If you have any question or other requirements please contact me.

Service/Time Blocks also available (see below).

Web Design Maintenance Packages

Below is the list of our most popular packages for businesses and individuals who require Web Design Maintenance, WordPress Website Repair, or Emergency Website repair.

However, if none of these seems to fully meet your requirements, we are happy to tailor our services.

A minimum task takes about 15 mins. to complete (Keep in mind every task, no matter how small, requires, set up, log-in, communication, tracking and notating – all of which will be added on to the time it takes to do the task). Win Win Websites is detail-oriented because we know that every single aspect of the website needs to be tended to in order to avoid any issues.

Service/Time Blocks

If you require work done on your site, a cost effective way is to purchase one of the following service blocks.

Service blocks are great if you will be needing small jobs done on your website at regular, or irregular, intervals throughout the year and negates you having to pay on invoice each time. Less “bookwork” also saves time.

All blocks are valid for 12 months and will not be rolled over.

Min task is 15 mins. (Keep in mind every task, no matter how small, requires, set up, log-in, communication, tracking and notating – all of which will be added on to the time it takes to do the task). Any questions please ask.