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There are lots of articles offering a WordPress Page Builder Comparison, everyone seems to be talking, or have an opinion, about them. BUT the results vary.

So who to believe?
What should you do?

Watch the video (4:47 mins) or read the post

I Conducted My Own WordPress Page Builder Comparison Test.

You might be surprised at the results.

I have been using a particular page builder for several years and frequently check out the facebook groups. Every now and then somebody comes up and suggests there is a page builder better than the one I use, especially regarding page speed.

The one I use has proved to be very reliable, easy to use and inexpensive. I needed to find out more to see if I should change to another builder (for my clients sake).


I started my research on Google, looking for proof, one way or the other.

After hours of searching I found:

  • Each page builder has it’s own pros and cons.
  • Insufficient proof that one was better than the other – especially regarding page speed.

So was I!

My Own Tests.

I recently attended a meeting that discussed WordPress page builders. I heard of 2 second differences in speed between builders.

Wow! I can’t keep building client websites using the same builder if that’s the case.

Long and short of it I decided I would do my own speed tests and come up with my own WordPress page builder comparison, then change to another page builder and/or Theme if necessary.


My results are neither exhaustive nor overly scientific.
I am not a professional in regards to speed tests but I tried to be as consistent, impartial and fair in all scenarios.

Comparing DIVI v Elementor v Beaver Builder.

Don’t buy any until you have read this!

Here’s How I tested the 3 WordPress Page Builders:

My hosting is SiteGround (Singapore)
Tested using Pingdom (Melbourne, Australia).

Cpanel showing folders for speed test


I set up 2 sub-folders on the same domain and installed WordPress on each.
FYI: DIVI comes as a stand-alone page builder OR packaged with the DIVI theme.

  • Sub-folder 1 (divithemetest):
    I installed the DIVI theme (comes packaged with DIVI builder).
  • Sub-folder 2 (buildergenesis):
    – I installed Genesis Framework only (without adding any additional plug-ins other than the page builders).
    – I also tested with Genesis using the Business Pro Child Theme.
    1. Then I:

    2. Added Elementor, Beaver Builder and DIVI page builder plug-ins.
    3. Added three separate pages, one for each page builder.
    4. Set up as exact page replicas as I could, trying to compare as close as possible.
      NOTE: you can see a thumbnail image of each page in the images below.
    5. Activated each builder individually, changing the homepage to show the relevant one.

Pages and plugins used in WordPress page builder comparison

TaDah!! My WordPress Page Builder Comparison Results

Below are the four images of the speed tests I ran on Pingdom – see for yourself.
I have summarised results in the table below the images.

NOTE: I tested on 2 separate Days 30 March 2018 & 18 April 2018 (I have only included images of the latter)


WordPress Page Builder Comparison Chart – 18 April 2018

See previous results at bottom of post.

WordPress Page Builder Comparison Speed Test Chart


The table above shows results of the 2 sub-folders:

  1. Using the DIVI theme with packaged DIVI Builder (as one entity).
  2. The next six lines show the results when I used the Genesis theme
    • a) Firstly showing the Genesis Framework only.
    • b) Secondly showing Genesis Framework with Business Pro Child Theme.

NOTE – Anomalies:
There are a few anomalies in the results. For example it shows the difference in Genesis framework and using Bus Pro with DIVI as opposite to what you would expect. But that is what Pingdom showed and I did not want to change/influence my testing procedure.
Multiple tests of the same page can give different answers anyway.
I don’t believe it affects the overall result too much though.


My WordPress Page Builder Comparison shows the Fastest One Is!

Well I didn’t discover any huge difference, but I believe Beaver Builder came out on top, but not by enough that I would change what I currently use (going on WordPress Page Builder speed test alone – both this and others I read).

I also believe that it is such a competitive market that each company works on improving its product so, in 2 or 3 months’ time, it could easily go from first place to last, and vice versa. Hopefully improving the overall experience each time – this has been my experience.

*Maybe some of the detractors have an ulterior motive like affiliate commissions? No Surely not?

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WordPress Page Builder Comparison Chart 30 March 2018

WordPress Page Builder Comparison Speed Test Chart