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Website Designer (Online Consultant)

I can help you:

  • Get more customers
  • Target the right ones for your business
  • Commmunicate better with them
  • Give them a great user experience
  • Keep them on your site longer
  • Save you money by teaching you to make changes yourself
Website help and consulting

Hi  My name is Paul Fitz-Patrick.
I have been working online
since 2005.

I have a wealth of knowledge in both web design and running a business learned from study, research, testing, practical experience as well as trial and error.

I build websites that
get results!


 Don’t Waste Your hard earned money and time on a website that’s not right for your purpose.

Every day I talk to, or read about, people who have wasted money on a website that was either not worth it, too expensive, poorly designed
They were only told half the story and find they have to spend a WHOLE lot more than expected.

 It is not rocket science but if you don’t know how it works it may as well be.

I have saved clients $thousands because I understand the system and what works (and what doesn’t).

I’ve steered them clear of the many pitfalls associated with their online presence and marketing.

I look forward to hearing from you soon for an Obligation Free Quote.

Choose a WinWin experience.

A lot of web designers are fixated on design.
But without results you may as well throw your money away!
Talk to us about how we can build you a great looking website that works for you even while you are sleeping.

Save yourself a lot of Money & Heartache
by getting the right information Up Front.

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